Saturday, November 1, 2014

Love Lviv

This is a video I shot over a couple of afternoons in the beautiful city of Lviv, Ukraine. The idea is just to give a sense of what it was like there in summer 2014.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Into Pieces - A Psychological Thriller for Kindle

How far would you go for revenge? 

Would you put your own life on the line? 

Claudia left South Africa to chase a career in London, but a phone call in the middle of the night changes everything. A family member has been murdered by car hijackers. Devastated, she returns to her home city of Durban seeking justice. When she finds out that the police can’t help her, she decides to look for revenge instead. And the only way she can catch the hijackers is if she uses herself as bait. 

Into Pieces is a psychological thriller in two parts, available together or separately from Amazon. 



Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lightship Anthology 2

Not too long ago I was shortlisted for the Lightship International Literary Prize. The rounded up all the winners and nearly-made-its and put us in a lovely paperback published by Alma Books. My story's called Durban Poison, a tale about schizophrenia in late 1980s South Africa. I haven't had a chance to read the other stories yet, but I'm looking forward to delving into the book. If you're interested in what looks like a good mix of first chapters, poems and short stories, you can buy Lightship Anthology 2 from or directly from Alma.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Illegal - Kindle Novel

It’s Kate Walker’s first day as a member of the Home Office Enforcement Team and she not only has to evict an illegal immigrant from his home, but from the country. 

The problem is that the immigrant, Vincent Mpolo, doesn’t want to comply. He manages to escape and Kate is blamed for his flight. 

When it is discovered that Vincent left a dead body behind, Kate decides that she has to track him down, even if it means breaking the law in the process. Professional pride is at stake and something else too: Kate isn’t entirely sure that Vincent is the murderer. 

Her search takes her to the UK border and she soon finds out that it’s one thing for an illegal immigrant to enter the country, but quite another to escape. 

The Illegal is a fast-paced thriller set in North East England. It is a full-length novel. 

Amazon UK:

Amazon US:

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Free Ebook

This is a free ebook.

It's full of short stories.

Just how short are they?

Each one is five words.

You might really enjoy them.

You might think they're rubbish.

Either way, they're free. Hooray.

Download the book from Smashwords. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Clan Fraser, Once Removed

A bittersweet comedy, more bitter than sweet, about two brothers on a road trip through Scotland. 

Richard is miserable. Only, he doesn’t know it. He’s a graphic designer at Newcastle upon Tyne’s hottest hot-shop and thinks the world revolves around him and his job.

But now he has to take two weeks off work because his brother Charlie is coming to visit from South Africa. Half-strangled by his umbilical cord at birth, Charlie’s a bit different. To Richard he’s an embarrassment, and the idea of a road trip to a castle that bears their family name doesn’t exactly set off fireworks.

While stopping over at a hotel in Scotland, Richard meets Dot, who works on reception and is bored enough to talk to anyone, even a self-centred designer. He falls in love. Now all he has to do is convince her that, deep down, he’s a nice person. And that means he has to get along with Charlie.


Yeovil Literary Prize 2011 – Highly Commended 


‘Urban, spiky and smart. The writing style is fluid and it grabs you from the get go. Recommended!’ – Darren Floyd, author of Match Days.


Download Clan Fraser, Once Removed from

Download Clan Fraser, Once Removed from


Friday, July 13, 2012

Clan Fraser, Once Removed - Preview

Charlie sees me and comes bounding through the gate like a super-sized Golden Retriever, tongue out and paws wide for a hug, when he, of all people, should know I’m a cat person. 

That's the voice of Richard Fraser, protagonist of Clan Fraser, Once Removed. When the book starts, he's self-conscious, self-involved and prickly, not exactly the hero type. His personality only goes downhill from there: 

I drink and try to calm down, to put things in perspective – only ten more days before my brother goes away. I’ll survive, I’ll get a new job, and Charlie will carry on being Charlie. He’ll be Dad’s problem, not mine.
When the beer is drained, I buy another and return to my dark place. As soon as I’ve had this one, I’ll be ready to leave. Staring down into the glass, I watch the foam dissipating across the surface and constellations of tiny bubbles rising to meet me. 

Richard, however, does have some redeeming characteristics, otherwise I wouldn't have written a novel about him. They're subtle though. And it's going to take some doing to bring them to the surface. That's where Dot comes in. She's his love interest - obligatory both in novels and in life - and to impress her he really makes an effort:  

You can never wear too much deodorant, so I spray myself from head to kneecaps before I get changed. From the clothes I hung in the wardrobe, I pick out a black button-up shirt. Sadly, I have to put my jeans back on. They’re starting to smell but it’s nothing another squirt of deodorant won’t fix. 

He also gives his personality a makeover, but I think I'm giving too much away. These short excerpts are supposed to be a taster of the novel currently waiting approval from Amazon. (Don't worry, the entire story isn't just about a baddie pretending to be a nice guy to pull the hot woman. It's so much more than that. There's also a bit with a car chase.)

Clan Fraser, Once Removed will soon be available on Kindle.

Please form an orderly queue, or at least try to look interested.