Friday, October 21, 2011

Nemesis Publishing

I don't know much about the Isle of Man, but a recent email from that part of the world led me to do some research. After the obligatory Wikipedia trawl and blast through Google Images, I landed on the manx cat and fell in love. 

They don't have tails. 

That's it. 

That's the only thing, physically speaking, that makes them special. And it's enough for me. 

But there's more to be found when digging into the manx cat's mind. According to they're popular with dog lovers (I'm paraphrasing here) because of their warm, affectionate temperament. They even respond when you call them by name. If that isn't the perfect pet, I don't know what is. The only thing stopping me from rushing out and adopting one is a small physical irregularity of my own. 

I'm allergic to cats. 

The other thing to interest me on the Isle of Man is Nemesis Publishing, who sent me the email that started my mini-investigation. They're a new publisher with a nifty-looking website and one title already on their list. I entered their Debut Novel Competition and it turns out that I've been long-listed. My fingers are crossed, but I can't help feeling disappointed that I'll never (at least not without the help of constant doses of antihistamines) be able to have my own tailless, gregarious feline companion. 


  1. Good luck in the comp. Manx cats are cute - my daughter is also allergic.


  2. Thanks, Seth. I just read the description of Salazar on your website and I'm intrigued. Paris in 1930 sounds like a good setting for a hardboiled story.

  3. Best of luck for the comp & you could always vacuum pack the cat, that should solve any allergy issues