Friday, July 13, 2012

Clan Fraser, Once Removed - Preview

Charlie sees me and comes bounding through the gate like a super-sized Golden Retriever, tongue out and paws wide for a hug, when he, of all people, should know I’m a cat person. 

That's the voice of Richard Fraser, protagonist of Clan Fraser, Once Removed. When the book starts, he's self-conscious, self-involved and prickly, not exactly the hero type. His personality only goes downhill from there: 

I drink and try to calm down, to put things in perspective – only ten more days before my brother goes away. I’ll survive, I’ll get a new job, and Charlie will carry on being Charlie. He’ll be Dad’s problem, not mine.
When the beer is drained, I buy another and return to my dark place. As soon as I’ve had this one, I’ll be ready to leave. Staring down into the glass, I watch the foam dissipating across the surface and constellations of tiny bubbles rising to meet me. 

Richard, however, does have some redeeming characteristics, otherwise I wouldn't have written a novel about him. They're subtle though. And it's going to take some doing to bring them to the surface. That's where Dot comes in. She's his love interest - obligatory both in novels and in life - and to impress her he really makes an effort:  

You can never wear too much deodorant, so I spray myself from head to kneecaps before I get changed. From the clothes I hung in the wardrobe, I pick out a black button-up shirt. Sadly, I have to put my jeans back on. They’re starting to smell but it’s nothing another squirt of deodorant won’t fix. 

He also gives his personality a makeover, but I think I'm giving too much away. These short excerpts are supposed to be a taster of the novel currently waiting approval from Amazon. (Don't worry, the entire story isn't just about a baddie pretending to be a nice guy to pull the hot woman. It's so much more than that. There's also a bit with a car chase.)

Clan Fraser, Once Removed will soon be available on Kindle.

Please form an orderly queue, or at least try to look interested. 

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