Friday, December 16, 2016

Fingerface Full Film on YouTube

If you'd like to see talking fingers battling with problems of an existential nature, please make your way to YouTubewhich is where I've uploaded the full movie of Fingerface. Or you can watch it through the magical window above. Enjoy!

Fingerface is a feature-length romantic comedy, more comedy than romance, about an ordinary guy who falls in love with his dream girl and then meets her in real life. Small in budget but big on ambition, the film is set in exotic locations around the world and features some of the finest and most convincing pirates, estate agents, cult leaders, convicts and guitar pickers ever caught on film. 

The film debuted at the Hamilton Comedy Film Festival and went on to win Best Screenplay at the Sydney Indie Film Fest.

If you want to read reviews you can check out UK Film Review, Flick Chicks, Emmamakwall and The Independent Critic, who all seemed to like it. 

If the embedded video doesn't work, here's the direct link:

And that's all. 


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